Writing Samples

Here are links to some of my writing, sorted chronologically. I have a variety of writing experience, from blogging to news articles to columns, and even a live storytelling performance. I just love telling stories! Feel free to check out my Medium page as well.

“Casting your ballot” — Pleasant Hill Living Magazine, October 2016. Interactive online magazine. (Article starts on page 4.)

“Six Olympic sports you can try in central Iowa” — The Des Moines Register, August 21, 2016. PDF of printed story.

“Being a Twin” — The Des Moines Storytelling Project:”Growing Up”, performed June 2, 2016. Podcast of live performance.

“I paid off 11k in student loans in 4 years making $15/ hour. Here’s How.” — The Penny Hoarder, May 31, 2016. Online article.

“A feeling of helplessness, far from home”— The Des Moines Register, June 30, 2012. PDF of printed story.

“Remembering the Tragedy” — The Creightonian, September 11, 2011. Best News Story (1st place), Nebraska Press Association 2012. Online article.

“Conflict in the Congo” — The Creightonian, September 24, 2010. Best News Story (2nd place), Nebraska Press Association 2011; Best News Story, The Creightonian, Spring 2011. PDF of printed story.


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