Design Samples

I’ve had lots of great design opportunities. As a newspaper designer I designed a wide variety of pages, from breaking news to feature pages. I know how to make sure a design is clean, bold, engaging for the reader and appropriate for the story. And I know how to work with less than ideal space, ads and on very tight deadlines. I’ve also had the chance to design outside the newspaper world by doing some freelance work, including fliers, logos and a little bit of ad design.


Design outside of newspapers:

Freelance: I designed a logo for my cousin’s trail running club at CU Boulder; a flyer for my fencing club; and logo options for a non-profit working to try and create a water district to manage the California Aquifer. (Note: I collaborated with Matthew Jacobsen on these projects)

Personal: The following work was for a design challenge for Heartland Family Services. I had to create two sample ads and an invitation to the annual fundraising gala, which is always carnival themed. I had to design within Heartland Family Services’s style guidelines, and use stock photos provided to me.

Newspaper Design

Special projects:

Alexandria Town Talk premium edition (a section of the paper only sent out to subscribers). I worked with editors to come up with a design concept that carried through the whole section. My favorite parts of this section are the wrap-around cover and the infographics. Below are a few of the pages:

Gabby’s Story: A three-day series about a victim of drug overdose in the Wausau Daily Herald. I worked with editors to create a design that was simple, and let the story shine through.


Feature pages:

News pages:



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